AI adoption in your business can be challenging.
I will show you how to start

With so many commercial off-the-shelf products and complex solutions, it's hard to know what will truly benefit your team. Transform your business  with expert guidance.

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Start building with AI

What you will learn

In our tailored collaborative sessions, you'll discover how to:

Identify areas in your business where AI can make a real impact – through real-world examples in your industry

Start small with POCs and pilot projects – and scale up as you see results without huge initial investments

Implement secure and safe AI workflows that work for your team and drive growth.
And so much more!

"It has been such a pleasure to work together – it was a real eye opener – we are all very inspired."

Jane Walsh


"Thank you for the wonderfully insightful session – I enjoyed it immensely and it was great to make your acquaintance"

Jonathan Fozard

General Counsel, The Casbah



How We Can Work Together

It can begin so many ways – we can start with a 30-minute call to discuss your goals and challenges. From there, we can schedule an interactive webinar, training session or hands-on workshop.

Get in touch to demystify AI and be a first mover in your industry:

Group Coaching

Interactive group sessions to identify high-impact AI use cases specific to your industry. Develop a roadmap that aligns with your goals and team's readiness. Gain clarity on AI's potential and define actionable next steps.

One-on-One Coaching

Receive personalized guidance and support to navigate the strategic aspects of AI adoption. Receive insights into AI trends, best practices and case studies relevant to your industry. Foster a culture of innovation in your organization.  

AI Upskill Workshops

Dive into real-world AI applications, work on live projects and solve business-relevant challenges. Effectively communicate with AI through prompts, unlocking the full potential of AI tools while addressing team concerns and ensuring seamless adoption.

About Bence

Short Bio

As an experienced AI educator and consultant with a designer background, I've worked with businesses across multiple sectors, from healthcare to finance. My passion is helping non-technical business owners and CEOs like you adapt AI in a way that's secure, safe, and tailored to their unique needs.

Case Studies and Thought Leadership

  • AI x HR Professionals Networking April & May 2024

  • Pollen Network – Demystifying AI Workshop Series, New York (online) April & May 2024

  • SEEN Group – Staff Training on Generative AI, London, UK (in-person) April 2024

  • The Data Scientist Podcast – London, UK (online) March 2024

  • The Tesseract Academy Webinar – London, UK (online) March 2024

  • 25th Conference of the Hungarian Society of Oncologists – Budapest, Hungary – 2023

  • “How Generative AI is Expanding Creativity” – presentation for A.Team’s AI Guild, (online) June 2023

  • “Designing with Artificial Intelligence” – live speaker at Innovation Lab at Lloyds Bank, London, UK – 2017

  • “AI and Fintech” – live speaker at UX Crunch / Digital Showcase, London, UK – 2017"

Be a First Mover Early Adopter!

The greatest limitation to successful AI adoption is often human imagination

Start small with a simple AI assistant that you create yourself (takes 30 minutes). This is just the beginning, it doesn't learn, it's not that accurate, but already you will start to see what's possible
If you want more, let me explain how a custom solution (open source tech) makes everything even more efficient.

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