Transforming Vision into Value

Generate Revenue and Innovate with Enterprise AI

By leveraging custom-tailored, regulatory-compliant AI solutions, you can not only come up with innovations but also significantly make more money from the business you already have.

I am Bence Csernak, a seasoned Strategic Product Designer, Product Manager and AI Consultant dedicated to bridging the gap between intricate business challenges and intuitive, user-centric solutions. I specialize in crafting seamless experiences that drive user adoption and business growth - blending science, strategy and design.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

End-to-end consulting services will help you deploy AI safely and strategically

Experience measurable ROI and concrete benefits, perfectly suited for sectors like creative industries, healthcare, legal and cybersecurity. Significantly expedite your ideation and prototyping phases – whether you're scaling up or keeping it compact.

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Conversational AI Interfaces

Personalized information in secure environments

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Automation and Content

Accurately written content for social media and blogs

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Strategic AI Advisory Services

Refine existing models to achieve unparalleled precision

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AI-driven Innovation

Unique AI generated ideas for quick validation

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More Revenue and Cost Savings

Cut costs and increase sales by tailoring experiences, predict trends and improve products

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Individualised Experiences

Build loyalty by personalizing how you interact with customers: marketing,  products,  service and more

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Strategic Capabilities

Predict machine repairs, diagnose patients, forecast renewable energy and maximize crop growth

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AI Generated Idea:

Generating a New Idea for you...
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Empowering Your Business with Holistic Design

Collaborative Success Across Borders

My journey has led to collaborations with startups, public sector and multinational corporations alike, adapting to diverse team dynamics and ensuring seamless integration, regardless of geographical boundaries. My approach is always tailored, aligning closely with each client's unique aspirations to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

An Irresistable Offer

Discover how our consultancy can elevate your business—whether you're a small enterprise or a solo entrepreneur, by first defining your unique needs through a 15-minute deep-dive chat to understand your challenges.

We'll craft and present a tailored offer specifically designed for you.
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We'll identify the Dream Outcome (for example streamlining operations and reducing costs). We can quickly implement solutions that produce visible improvements, offering immediate value and quick wins.
Minimized Effort and Sacrifice: we'll ensure that integrating our solutions into your current operations will be as seamless as possible with minimal disruption. The solution will be tied to a specific problem.


Feel free to explore and ask about the following projects:

One-click AI Assisted Design Workflows
Character and Story Development
Superry Studio
Directory of AI Design Tools (since 2021)
AI Design Tools
AI-powered Health Portal • Patient Experience

Ready to elevate your business or service?

If you're seeking a partner to navigate the complexities of product and AI integration, let's have a video call or meet at the Design District, 13 Soames Walk, London SE10 0AX. Together, we can turn visionary ideas into tangible value that propels your business forward. Email: [email protected]

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