AI image generation tools is changing everything in design and beyond. Experimentation, concept, art, paintings, logo design, physical product design, industrial design, energy, construction, real estate, landscaping, healthcare, law, cartoons, movies, visual effects, literature, comics, game design, character development, scene design, fashion, interiors, architecture.

Generative Branding for

One-click design and development services solving niche but very common problems – it's fast and affordable. Ideal for branding, marketing, development and design teams.

Customised Healthcare Chatbot

Personality design, character development, website implementation and training of a custom scientific research chatbot. Ask Anna at PyschoOncologyHub about the psycho-oncology research created in the last 20 years.

Overdue Fashion Label

Innovative fashion brand where the visual assets, patterns and designs are created via AI and human designer collaboration. From photo shoots to digital illustrations to custom prints, every visual element of the brand is automated by AI - allowing to deliver customized fashion at scale.

National Census Data Visualisation

Whether used for business analysis, data journalism, or simply for personal projects, AI image generation can help users create effective and engaging data visualizations that help them better understand and communicate their data.

Data Catalog Generative UI Assets

Completely original abstract UI components that are tailored to fit a niche product. AI uses its knowledge to generate completely new illustrations - we believe AI-powered generative design is the future of interfaces and allows for personalized user experiences at scale.

Limited Edition 3D Printed Sliders

Using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, we are able to create geometrically complex slide designs. Each pair of 3D printed sliders is an ultra-limited release of one, making this collection a first-of-its-kind at the intersection of bespoke footwear and additive manufacturing.

Resurrection Art Project

Explore a half-millennium journey of evolving societal norms and styles, as seen through the lens of dress, all while retaining the human figures and compositions that made Renaissance art iconic. See the timeless relevance of Middle Age painting composition using image-to-image Generative AI to reveal the striking continuity amidst change.

Stealth Health AI Startup

The team provides a ready-to-deploy AI system that can be trained for any industry use case, along with a skilled team of engineers. The unique value proposition is the startup's ability to quickly adapt and provide custom AI solutions for any industry, from trading goods to energy.
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