Small services done fast

These features will make your website grow, increase your profit and you will understand your customers better. Overall, you'll be able to give them a better experience.

Know more about your customers

See what your visitors are actually doing on your site

Hotjar reveals how users move around the pages, shows heat maps of their clicks. The tool opens a totally new world.

Google Analytics will reveal even more

Together with our free training for beginners, you'll know more about your customers and will be able to make your site better.

Add customer feedback and surveys to your site

Interactive forms that are easy to fill out and a joy to create. Add surveys and get more responses.

Add Google Optimize and run free experiments (A/B Tests)

Make different variations of your pages and find out which one is the most successful. Hide elements, change text or images.

Track the views of your videos like never before

Find out which part of your videos are the most popular, whether people watch it until the end and more useful insights.

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