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We are dedicated to making complex products simple and beautiful – while understanding business and growth.

Interface with AI Experience
Making complex products simpler is a difficult task; it requires expertise in design, business, and product growth. To achieve this, user interface design focuses on user-computer interaction, which is composed of both a visual and interactive element. This ensures that new features and functions are presented in a way that is easy and straightforward to understand.

Why your interface design and overall user experience needs to be user-centric?
A good UX is one which is easy to use and meets the user’s expectations. This means that the designer must equip themselves with all the knowledge about the user’s goals, needs, and demographics. A key thing in this process is empathy - have a look at the highlights.
The Founder
A pioneering figure in the Generative AI sector since 2017, Bence has the goal to consistently leverage AI to create impact across various industries. Initiating with insightful public presentations on designing with AI, Bence went on to establish a comprehensive directory of AI use cases, then launched Hypeless, an AI-assisted branding service.

Remaining actively involved in the AI community, Bence contributes to the discourse by being an integral part of the AI guild at A.Team. Got shortlisted in a 48-hour AI hackathon organised by A.Team - judges included leaders from Apple, PayPal and Motorola, also took the 2nd place at the Chicago Tech Week.

With a rich blend of design leadership and generative AI expertise, he is effectively and responsibly advising organisations on harnessing the potential of AI.

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