Building completely custom online stores

Webflow does not restrict which e-commerce platform you use.
Building completely custom online stores

Unlike other providers, Webflow gives you complete design freedom. Creating a checkout experience that matches the rest of your site, customising the cart layout, positioning and adding animations.

Feature the most important product features, images and others with customisable product fields. Designing your store's home and gallery pages totally as your brand requires. Branded transactional emails and receipts. Standing out with non-standard animations, page transitions and interactions.

Expanding your online shop with blog and unlimited landing pages to convert more customers – perfect for product launches, seasonal campaigns, coming soon previews.

Further bonus point: while Webflow has native Ecommerce functionality, you can still use any other online shopping platforms with your Webflow site. You could connect your Shopify store or any other platform you are already using.

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