The secret behind having your own online store – and not selling (only) via Amazon or eBay

The secret behind having your own online store – and not selling (only) via Amazon or eBay

Shopify and Webflow e-commerce has taken a very different approach than other big players like Amazon or ebay done – and exactly that what makes them successful.

Imagine Amazon as a search engine of products (an enormous global database) that will sell your products for you. The advantage here might be that you are able to reach more people.

The downside though is that a large part of your sales profit goes to Amazon and you have less control over your brand. That’s why some big brands have left Amazon. It’s also why so many businesses prefer using Webflow or Shopify.

Webflow and Shopify will do everything you need to set up a store: lets you have control over your shop design, product uploads and select your payment and shipping provider. It's a huge cost saving already.

When someone visits your e-commerce website, it's going to look like your own branded shop. It's not the case at Amazon, where your customers don’t know who they are buying from.

amazon compared with own branded online store
At Amazon and eBay you have to compete with copycat products

With an own custom online shop you are in control of your brand. You can start selling directly to customers. If you are a manufacturer or producer – you could even skip the middle man! It's bad news for brick and mortar stores and for the high street. Once the global economy recovers after the virus, the trend is Direct to Customer.

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Online retail sales continue to grow

Global e-commerce revenue is expected to hit $6.5 trillion by 2022 (others are trusting online commerce too!)

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