New Side Project: publishing a children's book in the lean way

An alphabet book to teach Hungarian letters for kids. See the agile product roadmap.
New Side Project: publishing a children's book in the lean way

We just started a side project: soon launching a Hungarian alphabet book! The concept is to make use of the illustrations created in the 1970s by artistic – and a bit sarcastic – relatives.

First, we want to measure the demand for this kind of product, starting with a minimal holding page and an email sign up form.

At the same time, we set up the social channels and promote the future product. This way we might build a small community around the book's potential buyers and raise awareness. We created multiple cover design variants with different wording, title illustrations and colours.

Using Google's Optimize A/B testing platform, we are measuring which cover concepts generate the most email signups. Completely free. We just uploaded 6 different book cover designs to a Webflow page and set up the test in Optimize.

Designing in Figma and releasing the holding page was a breeze with Webflow.

Please look at the work in progress roadmap – with the today's technology, it's now possible for everybody to launch products with a minimal investment:

Keeping an eye on future buyer's feedback, designing iteratively – we can be sure the product will be loved and used by our audience. Same principles we follow when designing and building digital products and software.

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