The Hyperloop Opportunity

This one is about the challenges living in rural areas, far away from big industrial/business hubs.
The Hyperloop Opportunity

The distance and the lack of job opportunities could make enormous tensions inside a nation — I was able to experience this in several countries I lived in the last 20 years. Politicians take advantage of the situation in order to get votes and divide nations and countries.

A possible solution would be Elon Musk’s Hyperloop: people from remote areas could commute into the hub cities, getting higher salaries and much rewarding jobs. Employers could select from a much wider variety of workforce. Property prices would go down in the affected towns and cities by this brilliant transportation method. So everybody on both sides would benefit from the impact caused by the shortened and superfast travel. Even the usual property price bubble could be stopped. Commuting only 10 minutes instead of 2–3 hours would increase the quality of life of millions of individuals enourmosly.

As cheap airlines changed the global tourism and the European job market more than a decade ago, Hyperloop could stop gentrification of cities and the South/North or West/East divide of many nations.

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