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Product Design / User Experience / User Interface
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HSBC Retail Banking

UX/UI Design Lead in one of the first global cross functional agile teams at HSBC. Designing multiple native mobile and web apps, including a responsive webapp for 52 million customers.

Responsive Web App

Responsive Web App

I was responsible for leading user interviews, customer research, creating prototypes and design guideline compliant, pixel perfect screens for production. Constantly iterating products based on business and user research data particularly focusing on customer requests from mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Working in the highest quality possible despite complex security and technology restrictions.

Due to non-disclosure agreements, I am unable to share every detail of the UX design process, detailed screens, explorations, tests and prototypes, user interview findings and data. To get an idea how I usually work, I prepared a UX Process document (PDF, 1.7MB)