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Product Design / User Experience / User Interface
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iOS Fitness App [Concept, UX/UI Design and Branding]



 "Stimuli" – iOS Fitness App

Created based on an Accenture/Fjord brief (December 2014)

Research • User Interviews • Competitor Analysis • Logo and Visual Identity • Naming • Wireframing • Prototyping 


User Interviews

Two main observations:

  1. Reason deleting Google Fit: drains battery
    Solution: energy saving feature has to be highlighted on App Store screengrabs
  2. Easy to use fitness apps tested = they really work intuitively as advertised


Standing out in a crowded marketplace:

  • Aiming to have the cleanest UI in App Store among competitors
  • Almost instant start after installation
  • No settings, no searching for start button, no registration – same way as WhatsUpp
  • Supported by professional branding
  • (good example: Google Material)

Competitor Analysis

I tested the leading apps while cycling to work:

fitness, tracking, health and coaching apps like FitBit, Strava, Couch to 5K, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum. 


User Interface Moodboard

As the final step searching for the ideal concept, I found award winning, innovative applications like SoundCloud, Flickr, Monument Valley, AirBnb and Google Apps as inspiration.



Good examples for strong branding and carefully selected colour palette in app UI design. 



Looking at the leading apps I realised that many of them have confusing names, built on the same thinking and only a few stands out (for example STRAVA).

“A thing that prompts or encourages someone; an incentive.”

“A thing that rouses activity or energy in someone or something; a spur or incentive.” It is on purpose different and will be well remembered.

By the end of the 8th week the user reached her/his goal. By then, the positive behaviour change is proved by the app. Brand promised accomplished

Further ideas:

"REWISE" change=revise + WISE

Font Research

  • Visually strong typeface design, good legibility
  • Avoiding overused typefaces
  •  Typeface should support the app’s overall concept
  • Screen optimised




Goal: to create a unique shape that stands out on the user’s Home Screen and in the App Store.  Legible in small sizes on social channels.


Number Eight <> Infinite Loop


Userflow and Wireframes

Based on research findings, I started ideating new features



inspirational images pulled in from nearby running routes 
battery saving mode: detects battery charge level
food intolerance/allergy, non-dairy, halal and vegan settings



Welcome screen and onboarding: inspirational images set the user in the right mood



try a rough prototype below or type this address on your phone:



• run to work

• run at lunchtime

• fastest 3K

• sponsoring possibilities with retailers similar to Strava-Rapha partnership

Swiping up reveals more information on the challenge

Challenge examples:

• eat no sugary food for one month

• 20000-step weekend

• run home from work


Achievement Overlay: Voucher codes, credit points can be also gained: building partnerships with retailers and other brands
Social/Group Activity: Sharing achievements
Stats Dashboard: No geeky tables and stats • Only friendly and clear infographics


Feature: Behavioural Change Detection

1 Fitness Level
Tracking the progress as a normal running tracker app. Based on special algorithm (speed, distance etc), it is able to detect performance gain

2 Eating Habits
Food quality change based on purchased food list


Encouraging users to use the app

Leaderboards: 1 private / 2 among social friends 3 global leaderboard

Dashboard: showing Activity and Stats

Push notifications: related to geographic area at lunchtime and after work • time of day: time to run, time to sleep, time to eat • when passing by partner retailers, healthy and simple shopping list will be created automatically

Achievement levels like in gaming: UI is unlocked for style personalisation / new icons, emoticons • UI design change for challenges done • charity involvement like RED campaign • seasonal app rebrand / style / sounds for Christmas and Halloween

Bringing heavy users into media channels: the App’s team care about them, give celebrity treatment

Social/Group Activity: uploading user generated videos to YouTube  • best way to reveal new features, UI enhancements, tutorials

Referrals: recommend to a friend aka UBER: score or credit points as a reward to spread the app



Growing market share via trying to be the best app:

  • Full version is free for 6 months (tying customers with their achievements and data similar to gaming)
  • Beyond the powerful logo, branding and very well presented screen grabs in the App Store, a dedicated website would serve as the core promotional channel
  • Street promotion at related events