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Design’s Lost Generation by Mike Monteiro

For episode four, we hear from designer and founder Mike Monteiro, who has a strong word for his creative ilk. In “Design’s Lost Generation,” he insists that designers, especially UX designers — who play a huge role in theorizing and building the technological systems that determine much of the future of humanity — should only be able to practice their craft after getting licensed. After reading the story, he chats with host Manoush Zomorodi about it.

Podcast version of the above article by Mike himself:

Bence Csernak
Beautiful sentence:

“Even though user numbers on the social network are stagnating in Europe and the US, the company still managed to squeeze more revenue from every user.” @facebook

Bence Csernak
I am starting an experiment:

I stop using facebook and google when researching, reading news, shopping, etc. I even try promoting our new family business without the big tech... let’s see if I manage and how it changes my world view

Bence Csernak
Branding mockups

I started to think about wether the widely used, free, easily accessible branding mockups played a role in the decrease of creativity, playfulness and quality of brand design and general devaluation of design

Bence Csernak
Big Tech and Privacy

It’s great to finally see the safety campaign by a big tech company @google on the streets and in the tube. Facebook should have been the initiator of these campaigns 10 years ago.

It’s not by chance that the first Tube and Bus Station posters and giant screens started popping up first around Westminster where the most MPs and high level staff from Ministries and State Departments walk around. I have not seen any Google or Facebook privacy campaigns for example in South London suburbs.

Bence Csernak

Just heard Elon Musk deleted @Tesla from facebook. I never liked @facebook - I always had bad gut feelings about its closed environment, the dodgy privacy settings and ugly interface. I deleted my studio’s page back in 2010 or 2011 and never looked back.

What I regret though – I applied for a contract product design role at Facebook. I should not have done it.

Bence Csernak