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Beautiful sentence:

“Even though user numbers on the social network are stagnating in Europe and the US, the company still managed to squeeze more revenue from every user.” @facebook

Bence Csernak
I am starting an experiment:

I stop using facebook and google when researching, reading news, shopping, etc. I even try promoting our new family business without the big tech... let’s see if I manage and how it changes my world view

Bence Csernak
Branding mockups

I started to think about wether the widely used and promoted branding mockups played a role in the decrease of creativity, devaluation, playfulness and quality of brand design...

Bence Csernak
Big Tech and Privacy

It’s great to finally see the safety campaign by a big tech company @google on the streets and in the tube. Facebook should have been the initiator of these campaigns 10 years ago.

Bence Csernak

Just heard Elon Musk deleted @Tesla from facebook. I never liked @facebook - I always had bad gut feelings about its closed environment, the dodgy privacy settings and ugly interface. I deleted my studio’s page back in 2010 or 2011 and never looked back.

What I regret though – I applied for a contract product design role at Facebook

Bence Csernak