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Last Day at the Design Museum
Bence Csernak - Holger Jacobs

The Design Museum is moving to a new place. It was so great to spend the day with Holger Jacobs (the founder of Mind Design) and with his family on this bright summer Sunday. This building and its content has been always special to me. I discovered Grafik Magazine in the Museum Shop back in 1999 which completely opened my mind and fell even more deeply in love with London...

Availo launched its beta app to 150 top designers and clients in London

It is amazing to be the part of this! Availo Ambassador meeting few days ago at Google Campus. Availo is changing the way freelancers work. It gets top freelancers the best jobs at startups, studios and agencies, all within a single app.

Availo Ambassadors:  Anne Frankenstein, Tim Easley®, George Barker-Wyatt, Radim Malinic, Craig Jackson, Bence Csernak

Availo Ambassadors: Anne Frankenstein, Tim Easley®, George Barker-Wyatt, Radim Malinic, Craig Jackson, Bence Csernak

Thanks, Rob Bye for the photo! Thanks, Nick Wood for the pizza! We missed you Nick Clement!

No more boring brand guidelines!

No more bugging the agency /design studio / design department or chasing freelancers for smaller design jobs.

I am really excited as being able to test Canva for Work. It is an application running in your browser and will definitely shorten lots of people's daily tasks. You know the struggle to make consistent, "on-brand" graphics, including slideshows, invitations, handouts, posters, infographics, social media backgrounds / posts / covers, cards, collages, blog graphics...

As one of the early testers I tried Canva for Work today and was amazed how easy to use! 

As a designer I will be able to make templates for my clients based on the branding created previously. Independent from organisation size, you will able to communicate beautifully with this simple web app.

Consistent branding and corporate identity without the hassle. So, if you need a brand from scratch or just a brand refresh I am happy to feed all the newly created assets into your Canva for Work account.

Canva did tons of research to find out what people wanted most and this is what people said:

The three most common challenges (by far) were:
• Not being able to resize a design for different social media platforms.
• Not being able to create themed, or branded, multi page layouts to share with your team.
• Being expected to create beautiful designs on a limited budget.


The New Global Role of Design
The Future of Payments at Barclays Accelerator


1000s of lessons learned when I took an important step and accepted a job offer at Lombard Risk. Yes, this is a so called “client side” role, but it is much more than that. I have always spent my work and free time among designers since my teen ages. I subscribed to several design magazines, purchased design books and read thousands on and offline pages about design by designers for designers.

I am now spending my time mostly among non-designers and watching daily the effectiveness of design live. Selling my ideas to the team is invaluable to progress as a designer. Being in this role helps me to make my performance better, to broaden my views and to get to know what kind of design strategy helps businesses. It is great to talk with people who run companies, witness how employees at every level make large global organisations operate and shine. It is an exciting feeling to hear which challenges they face. To learn what is their individual attitude towards design. How it effects their products and services. Seeing design making their creations better and how it makes companies and profit grow is an amazing feeling.

When talking with people at meetups, networking events and new business meetings — start-up founders are always enthusiastic about design. They exactly know its importance and know design’s role in the future of their business.

There is a new publication by the Design Business Association you can download here: — click Sign Up and choose PDF

I believe working with designers can be simple and painless — you just have to find the right individuals or agencies. It is a great era to live in and exciting to witness the changes in the design industry!


The world as you once knew it, has ceased to exist.

Wolff Olins CEO Ije Nwokorie gave the Presidents Jury address at Dubai Lynx:

"The world as you once knew it, has ceased to exist.

From industry to industry, market to market, nation to nation, the old ways of doing things are not only out-of-date but increasingly only relevant for the few. At a time when the many have all the access and power and information they need to make things happen for themselves."