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Social Media is an Illusion

I’ve been telling to family and friends since Facebook launched – by posting to your social media channel you are just creating free content to sell ads. Making billionaires even richer. You don’t get new business or fame, it’s an illusion, it is a hoax. Get a decent website or blog, it’s a bit more work but at least you are in control and you’ll see who visits your content, what’s the most popular and so many other things you can learn about yourself, your business. There’s no algorithm – clients and audience will find you! I can recommend easy to use site builders if you ask me and get online soon.

I am in the process to make my business completely social media free.

Update: just found a related podcast made by Tropical MBA: Quitting Social Media – Cal Newport
It’s so good I would make it part of the curriculum at Secondary Schools and High Schools globally.

Illustration: a screenshot of a typical “json” file you’d receive after requesting the data a company holds about you. Not many of us really understand these geeky code…

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