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How Artificial Intelligence is already helping to improve User Experience

TensorFlow (developed by Google) is used by AirBnB to categorise and rank around 5 billion images. This number is so huge that it would took months and months to process. The most interesting part of the video is at 1:50 where you can hear and see how AI can help designers and developers to process this enormous quantity of data. For both AirBnB hosts and guests (and of course for AirBnB itself) the main goal is to see an image gallery with the most appealing living room images first in the image gallery.

If you think about it, AirBnB sales depending on nicely shot images, it’s a kind of a photographer’s portfolio.

Machine learning is helping to solve challenging, real-world problems around the world. See how Airbnb ( is using machine learning powered by TensorFlow to help categorize millions of listing photos in order to improve the guest experience, while also driving business impact. Subscribe TensorFlow → #TFDevSummit #PoweredByTF
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