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Joined EY!

I am really excited to start consulting EY as an independent contractor. EY is one of the biggest consultancy globally – one of the ‘big four’ companies. I started working on projects within the FSO / Global Client Technology Team consulting software products for the financial and insurance sector.

Financial Services Office (FSO) is an industry-focused business unit providing a broad range of integrated services which leverage deep financial services industry experience with strong functional capability and product knowledge.

Bence Csernak
Social Media is an Illusion

I’ve been telling to family and friends since Facebook launched – by posting to your social media channel you are just creating free content to sell ads. Making billionaires even richer. You don’t get new business or fame, it’s an illusion, it is a hoax. Get a decent website or blog, it’s a bit more work but at least you are in control and you’ll see who visits your content, what’s the most popular and so many other things you can learn about yourself, your business. There’s no algorithm – clients and audience will find you! I can recommend easy to use site builders if you ask me and get online soon.

I am in the process to make my business completely social media free.

Illustration: a screenshot of one of the “json” files you receive after requesting data Spotify (or Facebook) holds about its users. Imagine how many non-tech users (99%) will benefit reading these geeky code…

Bence Csernak
How Artificial Intelligence is already helping to improve User Experience

TensorFlow (developed by Google) is used by AirBnB to categorise and rank around 5 billion images. This number is so huge that it would took months and months to process. The most interesting part of the video is at 1:50 where you can hear and see how AI can help designers and developers to process this enormous quantity of data. For both AirBnB hosts and guests (and of course for AirBnB itself) the main goal is to see an image gallery with the most appealing living room images first in the image gallery.

If you think about it, AirBnB sales depending on nicely shot images, it’s a kind of a photographer’s portfolio.

Machine learning is helping to solve challenging, real-world problems around the world. See how Airbnb ( is using machine learning powered by TensorFlow to help categorize millions of listing photos in order to improve the guest experience, while also driving business impact. Subscribe TensorFlow → #TFDevSummit #PoweredByTF
Bence Csernak
Looking back to 1994

The FontShop Vienna branch was the nearest physical shop around Budapest where I could buy the latest typeface as a student back in the days.

Accidentally found the above business card in a moving box and wondered how unchanged the basic characteristic of brand design remained in the last almost 30 years. If you compared it with websites, software and mobile interfaces, the amount of change is shocking.

Bence Csernak
How the popularity of design education is changing

I like to keep an eye on my favourite design universities partly because I like teaching and it is quite fulfilling to spread one’s knowledge and mentor future generations. An interesting trend can be noticed if you made a search on Central Saint Martins via Google Trends: the global interest towards design education has been massively decreased in the last 14 years.

Bence Csernak
UI and UX

I still don’t believe in split UI and UX roles. The two disciplines are related very closely, they are in a continuous relationship, cannot exist without each other. There is no UX without visual design.

I am a hybrid.

Bence Csernak
When it Goes Offline

Test your mobile app or website in areas where there is no signal or wifi (for example on the London Underground, where there is no wifi between stations). Professional UX should tackle situations when you go offline, the app should cache the data. You must be able to continue where you left off without data loss.

Bence Csernak
“There’s no bullshit like design bullshit”

“Every single day, designers across the UK do exciting and thought-provoking work, but jargon and bullshit are getting in the way of people recognizing its massive contribution to business and society.”

Greedy agency owners and bland corporate marketing people played a huge role in devaluation of design. Very important thoughts by John Spencer, the whole article should be printed and hanged on agency walls everywhere globally:

Bence Csernak