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Celebrate the New

Celebrate the New

Own thoughts and hand selected finds on how innovative design helps established businesses to succeed.

Upcoming Event

I will be mentoring at the 2017 Africa Tech Day!

Calling developers and Fintech enthusiasts to tackle challenges facing Africa. Find a co-founder, meet someone new, or simply learn a new skill that stretches them beyond their usual 9-to-5. Challenges include Financial Inclusion - ‘Banking the Unbanked’, Remittances processes, Crowdfunding, and Customer Service.

7th-8th July 2017
Wayra - Telefonica's start-up accelerator, 20 Air St, Soho, London Register 

Recent Talk

Banking and UX: A Design Revolution – Tuesday, May 23, 2017 – The Trampery, 239 Old St, London EC1V 9EY
UX Crunch London / The Digital Showcase

Fintech and Artificial Intelligence

Personalising content and showing a customised user journey and interface is becoming increasingly important to reduce user’s frustration and drop off rate.

I was focusing on designing with the help of machine learning, emotion sensors and analysis of facial expressions. I was looking at how AI can aid in avoiding regulatory risks: for example accidental tapping.

Bence Csernak
UX/UI Design Dinner @ Balderton Capital

Balderton Capital is one of the largest venture funds in Europe, run by entrepreneurs with a track record of helping build some of Europe’s most successful software companies. It was so great to be there!

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Last Day at the Design Museum
Bence Csernak - Holger Jacobs

The Design Museum is moving to a new place. It was so great to spend the day with Holger Jacobs (the founder of Mind Design) and with his family on this bright summer Sunday. This building and its content has been always special to me. I discovered Grafik Magazine in the Museum Shop back in 1999 which completely opened my mind and fell even more deeply in love with London...

Availo launched its beta app to 150 top designers and clients in London

It is amazing to be the part of this! Availo Ambassador meeting few days ago at Google Campus. Availo is changing the way freelancers work. It gets top freelancers the best jobs at startups, studios and agencies, all within a single app.

  Availo Ambassadors:  Anne Frankenstein, Tim Easley®, George Barker-Wyatt, Radim Malinic, Craig Jackson, Bence Csernak

Availo Ambassadors: Anne Frankenstein, Tim Easley®, George Barker-Wyatt, Radim Malinic, Craig Jackson, Bence Csernak

Thanks, Rob Bye for the photo! Thanks, Nick Wood for the pizza! We missed you Nick Clement!