From Boston to Budapest, I've designed branding for both large enterprises and start-up companies. 


With more than 10-year experience designing User Interfaces and User Experiences for responsive websites, web apps, software packages and mobile apps.



I make complex financial data beautiful shall it be an account statement, utility bill or a complex table in a banking software.

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Property website for a mixed use office/retail building at an iconic London location.


More than one million people visit Leicester Square weekly.



made at Sectorlight

ArtYourself is an intelligent provider of hand painted art.


Custom typeface, branding elements, stationary and complete UX and UI was delivered.



The founders of the Diamond Heels approached me to develop this unique women's shoes brand.


The new logo, the branding elements and the submitted business plan design played a big role in winning the first place at Switzerland’s most renowned start-up competition.



Standing out in a crowded marketplace


Aiming to have the cleanest UI in App Store among competitors, almost instant start after installation, no settings, no searching for start button, no registration, supported by professional branding



A melting pot of influences, a bit Brazilian, Hungarian, American…


Fashion meets local culture through the eyes of a contemporary brand of unique accessories made by dedicated, passionate individuals.
The identity stands out in the global marketplace and is visually strong enough to be the umbrella brand of different product types (clothing, accessories and food).



Launched in 2009, Suitart is a Swiss network of tailors making custom-made suits, shirts, trousers and men’s accessories.


My goal was to find a shape that is unique, stands out and easily recognisable. The logo has to function when using both in large and small sizes, in different materials and textiles.

After becoming a global brand in 2011 André Maeder, the board member of Harrods and Hugo Boss bought 6% of its shares.